Alpha Legion Sneakiness

Dust floated through the air of a darkened chamber. Silence, oppressive and menacing, filled the room. Two figures stood in the abyssal shadows, the only clue to their presence: the glowing green of their eye lenses.

A third figure joined the other two.

“It’s done,” announced the third.

The rustle of a heavy garment fluttered through the still air, tossed to the feet of the other two.

“A subtle performance as always,” rumbled a voice thick with a hidden smile.

The newcomer took a theatrical bow, heard rather than seen in the darkness.

Dry laughter echoed through the chamber. A purple gauntlet clenched into a fist. The laughter ceased.

Three figures became five. Five became ten. Ten became twenty. The empty chamber filled with half-seen massive figures. Purple armor, green lenses and muted clicks replaced the silence. The menace remained. Conversations said and unsaid filled the shadowy chamber.

“Let’s end this,” hissed the first figure.

In a blink the shadowed chamber emptied.

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