I did something today that hasn’t happened for a very long while.

To set the stage, I have been returning to the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium, to the stars where there is only war and the laughter of dark gods. Friends and colleagues revealed its popularity in a surprising quarter, including some who already owned my stories.

So I stopped at the Mt. Airy Warhammer yesterday to peruse the shelves of expensive models, searching for a Kill Team to call my own. There, the manager, a kind soul named Franklin, discovered that I was once a Black Library author.

Today, I returned to learn the actual game mechanics. I lost the game, grey knights felled handily by Arbites. Franklin caught me as I was about to leave with two of my books, Devourer and Execution Force. He asked for my signature. Caught off guard, I signed, wrote some phrases that bubbled up from memory. I was taken completely aback, a reminder of a bygone age and that I yet have fans.

Thank you, Franklin for the reminder and the honor.