The imaginary crowd rages (they seem to do that a lot these days). I am at a loss for words. All I can do is splutter from my chair. I have nothing of note to spout at the moment. I keep hoping for some good news but apparently its taking its sweet little time.

I hurriedly begin digging through my archives, looking for some sort of jumble of words that appears half decent. Something with which to appease these pitchfork and torch wielding madmen.

Aha! Something! This looks like it might be interesting. It’s the beginning to a joint short story I am working on.

Take a look and please stop waving those pitchforks in my face. They look quite pointy and I’m fond of my features. Plus you could rip my chair and who knows what manner of demons and beasties might be lurking within it.

Without further adieu here is the beginning of Cat and Mouse:

She was the third to die. The liar, the cultist, the informant, the betrayer, the b&*#$ had been caught. She caved quickly under the attentions of his master.

He had never accounted for this in all of his carefully laid plans. All it took was one quavering voice, one single bloodied finger raised in accusation. He was damned in the eyes of the Inquisition, in the eyes of his master, but not in the eyes of those he truly served.

His cover was blown. There was no turning back.


Get away.

In the shocked silence of her words he pulled his auto-pistol and plugged the two stormtrooper escorts. A further two shots rang out. One silenced her treacherous voice forever. The other went right into his beloved inquisitor’s back. The man he had served faithfully for two decades, the man who was almost a father figure, sacrificed on the altar of necessity in the name of a ten thousand year old cause.

He wheeled and ran, his great coat billowing in his wake as his master crashed to the floor with a pained murmur.There was no time to ensure he was dead. As he ran he flicked on his vox-bead and transmitted one short code: COMPROMISED.

Hopefully that’s got your pulses pounding and your brains satisfied with gooey chunks of words (the key ingredient to every balanced breakfast). Bask in its glory and remember that you saw it first here folks.

Thanks for reading.