It occurred to me, in the spirit of continuing professionalism, growth, and actual self-promotion on my own gods-damned website, that I should post some more things on books I’ve finished or am working on.

The pitch for This Red Business has seen the most iterating and is hopefully the most polished:

GIDEON THE NINTH meets OVER THE GARDEN WALL in Sasquatch country. On the night before she is hanged, Pumpkin the Badger, an animal cursed with sentience, receives a letter from her old cult leader, revealing his ties to evil dragons and threatening the territory she loves. Pumpkin jumps into action, breaks free from prison by selling her soul to a sinister fairy, and returns home to reunite her family of retired adventurers. Through grit, research, and violence, the Chickenshit family punches through the cult ranks in a desperate bid to stop a Second Dragon War.

This new one is more feral and wild, perhaps fitting for this book in an apocalyptic, bleak, but beautiful era. I’ve been a bit more on edge lately, a little hungry for change, so I’m trying something different with this one. I am going to attempt a Young Adult Historical Fantasy novel tentatively titled Fimbulwinter. I don’t have any comparative titles yet, as I’m relearning the genre, beyond movies and TV shows. Here’s that pitch:

THE SECRET OF KELLS meets AVATAR: THE LEGEND OF KORRA in 10th-century Viking Age Ireland in the style of Gene Wolfe’s LATRO IN THE MIST. A shield-maiden searching for her mother, a half-starved, haunted berserker, and the goddess of storms reborn as a bard, journey across the island after a volcanic eruption triggers Ragnarok. Freed by the apocalypse, an ancient force of imbalance stirs. As the gods fail, and the old powers slip from memory, three mortals must resurrect the devoured sun or lose their world.