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The Dream

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted any writing samples up on here. Well this is something I wrote on Friday about a dream I had on Thursday night. It’s a nice little vignette so without further ado read and enjoy.

Also if you can guess the subject matter and setting of the dream I shall award you with a place in the Imaginary Audience. So comment and conjecture away after the post.

The rain pattered down through the misty night. Ancient trees, their bark gnarled and coated with snaggles of moss and lichen, reared up through the blackness. A slight breeze made the branches whisper.

I felt I only had to strain my ears just a little harder to understand their hushed conversations. Instead, my feet brought me padding along the trail.

A howl tore through the night. My heartbeat thudded louder in my chest. Breath, given tangible form by the chill air, curled away from my lips. I tried to appear unconcerned and unafraid. I failed miserably.

As the howl echoed through the valley, I heard a new voice join it. Angry and primal, this bestial roar ripped the night asunder.

Instinct had me running. There was no time for thought, no need to evaluate the reality of whatever was out there.

The myths were real. The legends were true. And they hunted me.


  1. Sam

    You asked so here we go. Since the dream is taking place in the night. this would represent your unconscious process. There are many illusions to the primordial nature, trees, lichen and moss. Hushed conversations, howls, new voices angry and primal. This is the unconscious self that has been hidden coming into consciousness and what a frightful event this would be. Since this is all new there is no time to think but just react through instinct.
    What a great dream. This is a big dream and if you let it unfold it will help to guide you to your true being.

    • captainchicken

      Thank you Sam for those insightful words. Let me be the first to welcome you into the Imaginary Audience. Take a seat and shuffle in and thanks for reading and responding.

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