There is a spot in the Meadows near to where I live. There is nothing special about this spot, nothing visually appealing. It is just a quiet bend in a quiet park.

This is where ideas come from. They whisper in quiet voices. They whisper with the thunder of surety, of betrayal, of politics, of philosophy. They are the imagined words of primarchs and legionnaires, men who exist only in fiction. The quotes are usually not long, simple statements of intent and interest.

I do not know why I always think of the words from this spot. Perhaps because it lies on my route home from class, my mind still abuzz with the notions and theories of International Relations. Perhaps the walls between reality and the Immaterium lay thin there and the echoes of thoughts and deeds resonate on that spot. Perhaps it is just a spot and my fevered mind only ascribes significance conjured from the heady heights of nothingness. Perhaps it is all of these things. Perhaps it is none of them.

Most of you who read this blog may not find this post interesting, believing it to be part of the fandom from which the Hallowed Captain of Chickens draws inspiration.

There is an announcement that will soon brighten this webpage, but today is not that day. Instead listen to the glory, the heresy, the thoughts and philosophies of fictional beings.

‘Do you do the right thing because it is right or because it is the right thing to do?’
-The Primarch Lorgar Aurelian (c. M31)

‘Without the rule of law we are nothing.’
‘No, without the rule of law we are everything.’
-Interrogation of Anarcho-Heretic Milias Hartfel (c. M40)

‘The Emperor taught us to be brave, to know no fear. We carry that with us even now, as we dismantle His Imperium.’
-Unknown Speaker, Vox Capture, Elsidias Massacre, Shortly after Isstvan V (c. M31)

‘There is no good versus evil. No darkness versus light. There is only survival and extinction.’
-The Primarch Horus Lupercal, Address before the Siege of Terra (c. M31)

‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Lies written by idealists in an age of idealism. There is only one life worth preserving, that of humanity as a species. Liberty must be sacrificed towards that end. As for the pursuit of happiness, I have never agreed with this as a fundamental right. Happiness is incidental and trite. Preservation, order, duty. These are the values I prefer.’
-Private Correspondence between the Emperor and Malcador the Sigillite (c. M31)

‘The old adage, “fortune favours the bold,” has always rung false to me. I would replace it with “fortune favours the clever.”‘
-The Primarch Alpharius (c. M31)

‘A tyrant is a tyrant, no matter whether they call themselves Emperor or Warmaster. We reject both.’
-VIII Legion Captain Aral Tarn, Hours before his Assassination (c. M31)

‘I reject the doctrine of non-intervention. Those who will not see will be made to see. Those who will not hear will be made to hear. Those who will not bow will be made to bow.’
-Attributed to the Emperor, Onset of the Unification Wars (c. M31)