The imaginary crowd hustles about agitated. Angered murmurs and expressions of dismay and disquiet split the darkened room. Their beloved captain is missing. He has been absent for many hours past his normal time of appearance.

They hope, nay, they pray for their savior to return and bless them with precious words of wisdom and anecdotes aplenty.

Finally, from the deep shadows, the sound of squeaky, ill-maintained wheels cuts through the shuffling and hubbub of the imaginary audience. The chair scoots forward and out comes me. I look tired and exhausted but a silly grin is plastered across my features.

“Where have you been?” questions one of my loyal and entirely illusory followers.

I sigh contentedly in return for I have embarked upon an arduous journey. I am in the throes of the best week ever. Oh I’m sorry. Was my title misleading?

I cock a lopsided grin and calmly point towards my first post. See that bit where I said I would utilize every dirty trick in the gigantic book of dirty tricks? Yup. I haven’t stopped yet.

As an avid player of video games, this week holds a particular high note in my esteem. For today was the release date of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The reason for such a late post is that I have played nonstop for about five hours. I am now deep in the campaign and have been thoroughly enjoying myself.

While the gameplay doesn’t offer much freshness from its predecessors, the campaign and the multiplayer still offer nigh limitless opportunity for fun and shenanigans. Now before you, my dear reader, begin complaining and uttering about the warfare (cue snickering) betwixt the Call of Duty series and its counterpart, Battlefield. I am not here to pass judgement. I will not offer anger and rage on behalf of a game for its fanbase and seemingly dearth of innovation.

The old adage, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, holds for me in this case. The multiplayer has been fun (although I am far from good at it) and the maps are varied. The campaign is full of epic set pieces scattered across many of the sights familiar to mine eye from my sojourn among the Europii. Gruff language and betrayal abound in this final installment of the Modern Warfare journey.

I will continue to exhaust its many possibilities. At least until Friday that is. For on Friday my social life shall end as I venture into the realm of Skyrim, there to brave its challenges and feast upon its graphical majesty.

Let the best week ever continue with its cornucopia of video game induced awesomeness.