I started a project a few months ago to pass the time between novel edits, work, and daily life. While I’ve been editing away at This Red Business (more on that at the end of the post) , a friend convinced me to return to a world I thought I’d left long behind, a place I thought swallowed by pain and past.

Look at this little guy clinging on. Hang in there. From The Strange and Grotesque Doodles in the Margins of Medieval Books

As a disclaimer, I am not associated with Games Workshop and Black Library in this project. This was done by me and myself alone for my own headcanon.

I’ve been painting an army and filling my head with stories. For Age of Sigmar, I am painting an army of the Cities of Sigmar from the order faction there. They are a ragtag group of crusaders called the Autumn Path out of the City of Lethis in the realm of Shyish. More derogatorily, they’re known as Coppertops, for the cheap metal their smiths use to decorate their armor and other bits and bobs. Mortals in a time of heroes and monsters, madness, and myopia. My little toy soldiers have taken the Coin Malleus in Sigmar’s name, for Morrda the Bleak Raven too. Filled with faith in a better tomorrow, these badass bastards stand against tides of darkness, a flickering candleflame of hope and light that a better day will dawn. Battles and horrors lie on the horizon, but with their comrades in arms, stout backs, and steel faith, better days will come. I picked their name and theme to go with Halloween, my favorite holiday in my favorite season. The Autumn Path march from Lethis, a city constantly beset by the undead as our own society seems to be besieged by undead ideas of late. The Autumn Path, like me, carry the Raven Banner and are also a superstitious lot. I have started to think of customs and quirks that I may elaborate further on in a future blogpost.

Knight, Death, and the Devil
Albrecht Dürer German

I love the Cities of Sigmar and my Autumn Path, with their cold steel, burgundy and amethyst colors and bone. I get to use minis I collected as a kid as I rediscover this hobby and rest my weary, stressed mind. My skills have increased and it has helped me notice more in real life, from the bright blooms of garden flowers, to facial expressions, posture, and bearing. I’m amassing an army and transmuting gloomy grey plastic into steadily improving painted heroes. Their sculptures remind me of the old Warhammer Fantasy books and minis I loved as a kid, of artists like Albrecht Durer and his grim knights. Others look like the Danse Macabre and the medieval manuscript marginalia I saw scribbled in Dublin and Durham. United by their fragile mortality, these aelves, duardin, and humans all come from different ethnicities. Oh and Witchhunters too.

More Marginalia.

At the same time, I’m working on This Red Business. I recently received feedback from a wonderful freelance editor (Katherine Ervin of Goblin Fruit) who provided great ideas to bring Pumpkin’s adventure to better life. Her insights were fascinating and helpful and very kindly worded. I’ve also been reaching out to artists to find someone to do a cover for me as I seek to self-publish. Pumpkin and I are both very stubborn and I’ve sworn to see this book become a real thing and others can share my vision and dreams. There’s no timeline yet, but I am wordsmithing away.

As always, my dear readers, thank you for your continued interest. I appreciate the time and attention. If you liked this little hobby interlude, please let me know and I can write up more about the Autumn Path and more futuristic, grimdark compatriots too.

Below are some of the names i’ve been creating for the Autumn Path captured in a suitably dramatic fashion.

Dramatis Personae:

Captain-General Ethics Donau

Reliquant Henrik Ung

Relic Farfar Ung

Witchfinder Antonio Corvo

Witchfinder Ulrica Crowe

Forgemage Crafton Ulfbehrt

Hexenhammer Tank Commander Domingo Rodriguez



Fusil-Major Appiano 

Ogor Warhulk Blerf

Whisperblade Boriken

Surgeon Callista Crackbone

Herald Patrek Singleton Moth

Arch knight Morals Donau

Shepherd Faith Donau and Spiritu Sanctu

Mascot Vitae

Warden Silvester Corvo 

Line-Sergeant Gallemont Drowns

Fusil-Sergeant Capistrano Drowns

Mossbeard’s Mob