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Who is the Captain?

Many have asked, over the years, just who the Captain of Chickens is. I’ve never had a particularly satisfying answer.

Until now.

My name is Joe Parrino. I’m a writer. I’m also not affiliated with captains nor chickens. So don’t ask where that has come from as I don’t have an answer.

I sometimes write for the fine folks at the Black Library. I sometimes write other things. But I always write for myself.

As the little official bio at the end of all my published stories will tell you,  Joe Parrino lives and writes in the American Pacific Northwest with his family. A former Pinkerton, Joe has lived in four countries across three continents and has even been declared a Master of Science by the University of Edinburgh in International Relations. When not writing, Joe can be found skulking through the rain-lashed forests of the region. Like the elusive sasquatch, Joe enjoys reading, occasionally traveling, and other assorted activities. In the grim darkness of the far future, Joe wrote two novellas, three audio dramas, and numerous short stories for publication by Black Library. Joe is also a proud member of SFWA.

Welcome to my blog, feel free to poke around, send me harassing notes, or even read my stuff.



PS here is a picture of me after constructing my lightsaber.


  1. Major Fuller

    Different as can be !!!!!!!!!!! see you again !!!!!!!!

  2. Sole Treadmills

    Great! thanks for the share!

  3. Jeremy

    Haha very entertaining. Thank you Mr. Parrino!

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